Whether your moving a Sub 20, a Sub 80, or a Submarine, the three greatest concerns are:

  1. "Do you have experience moving  laboratories?" 
  2. Who have you moved?
  3. Do you move cryogenic freezers? 
  4. What will you do to ensure that my bio-specimens arrive Uncompromised?

What they are trying to determine is whether or not you have a "K.N.A.C.K" for relocating laboratories? If so, how will you ensure that my laboratory is properly packaged and relocated? 



A KNACK for laboratory moving begins with Knowledge. Biological specimens must be handled according to the highest ethical and scientific standards to maintain the public’s trust, to preserve and protect the specimens and the substantial investment these resources represent, and to facilitate research by maximizing use of the specimens. (N.I.H) 

Having a knowledge of specimens and their preparatory shipping requirements is invaluable to ensure specimens are properly transported and swiftly move to their final resting place.  



A Network represents the amount of  third party resources you have vetted and use to effectively complete the Laboratory Relocation process. The larger your network the more value you bring to your customer. The variety of equipment used in laboratory research is vast and can range from rudimentary pieces like petrie dishes to complex analytical instruments such as mass spectrometers and sea horses. Every piece of equipment is unique and requires it's own unique method of packaging an protection. Access to the right network resources is essential to ensure items arrive on time and in proper working order.



Assessment means performing a thorough analysis of the project. This includes identifying disassembly needs and having the proper tools and equipment on hand. One example of items that require careful disassembly consideration are vacuum and canopy hoods. Fume hoods exhaust enormous quantities of air to contain gasses, vapors, particles and other contaminants that could harm the technician. It is essential that the transport company takes special precautions to properly package, protect, and handling these units to prevent damage, maintain safety and ensure no interruptions that could delay the project. 

Communication is A#1 when it comes to ensuring a successful laboratory relocation experience. Communication should be robust and travel in all directions, including open, vertical and horizontal communication. When downward communication ceases, upward communication ceases and the odds of having a successful outcome is diminished greatly.    



Know How means actively using knowledge to benefit a person or improve a circumstance. Know How breeds confidence and increases the odds for success. As one example, suppose you had to move a 9' concert piano across town, how many men do you think it would take? If you're a cautious you probably guessed 4, it your more of a risk taker, you may have guessed 3. The correct answer is only two, if you're using an experienced piano mover that has the Know How.

Having the proper Know How improves safety, lowers cost and fosters peace of mind. 

Whether it's plumbing, electrical, heating and gas, or relocating your laboratory, you can be assured our network partners have the Knowledge, Network, Assessment skills, Commitment and Know how to get your project completed ahead of schedule and within budget.  

We have to knack to get you to your new destination in great shape. 



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